July 22, 2024

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Patricia Lund, Ph.D.Welcome, and I’m glad you found me!
I am Patricia Lund, Ph.D. – Pat to most of my clients.

I am a clinical psychologist with 25+ years of experience of working with adults who need help navigating the path of recovery from traumatic events, particularly breast cancer and other challenging medical occurrences. I have assisted hundreds of women through the breast cancer process and scores of men and women suffering the effects of both medical and traumatic life events. In addition, for many years, I have counseled the wives and families of military veterans, using my experience and skills learned from working with veterans.

Sometimes, therapy is a very short process of two to three meetings. Other times, a person may choose to have a longer-term association, some checking in for support and guidance throughout the years.

Though I have a number of useful ways to help people through life traumas, my working philosophy is this: Each of us has many strengths which we have developed throughout our lives. I will get to know you in such a way that I can serve as a guide and teacher to assist you in utilizing your strengths. I tend not to pathologize the people with whom I work. Human life is challenging, we all have to struggle at times, facts that I respect for everyone.

I work:

  • Collaboratively, meaning we become a team to resolve whatever problems you are facing
  • Using your strengths as the basis for healing
  • Seeing life as a series of transitions and challenges to be faced and solved
  • Respecting the existential nature of our lives
  • Encouraging the use of tools such as meditation, exercise, writing, reading, time in nature
  • Knowing that the relationship we establish facilitates healing

For more information about the services I offer and how they can help, please contact me or call (415) 215-2877.

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